Latest Bio About Orange County Jail

Orange County Correctional Facility – a division of Orange County Sheriff’s Office – is responsible for housing prisoners of all law enforcement agencies operating in Orange County. The facility’s capacity is 350 inmates. Its average daily population, however, is a little over 200. The facility staff currently consists of one captain (or lieutenant), six sergeants (or corporals), four corporals and about 47 staff.

The facility has been designed to house people who are in pre-trial custody, or have been sentenced to a county jail for committing a crime and are waiting to be transferred to the Texas Prison System. As stated previously, the facility’s average daily population is more than two hundred inmates. Corrections Staff provides services such as inmate recreations, inmate works programs, visitation activities, court activity, mail service, meals and medical care orange county inmate locator.

Orange County Correctional Facility’s goal is to maintain a healthy and safe work and living environment. The facility’s primary concern is the protection of its employees, inmates, as well as community. Orange County Correctional Facility staff members believe that teamwork is important to create an environment of respect and co-operation between officers, inmates and the facility.

Orange County Correctional Facility defines our daily goals through our actions and words. Individual officers perform their duties in a professional manner, with integrity, honesty and a servant attitude. Orange County Correctional Officers, no matter what the situation is, will respond with professionalism and a servant’s attitude.

Many local police officials place the blame on Prop. It is said that Prop. 47 makes drug addicts and low-level offender difficult to confine, leaving these people on the streets, repeating the same crimes, and stealing to feed their addictive habits. Some criminologists deny that research supports the claim, and warn that law enforcement has a history in which they have attacked legislation they disagree with before conducting a thorough analysis.

Kea said demographic changes in jails, caused by both the reduction of low-level prisoners and the move of state prisoners into county control, have affected how the system works.There are several ways to do this, including having fewer inmates with low-threat to work in kitchens or on community work crews. Also, the county could shuffle the inmates in order to fix up parts of the jails.

Orange County’s sheriff’s deputy union claims that, despite the recent decrease in jail populations in Orange County, there was a lack of staff in county jails when inmates from Central Men’s Jail (Santa Ana) escaped in January. In February the union sued Sheriff Sandra Hutchens’ department and claimed that staff reductions led to unsafe conditions at the Santa Ana Central Men’s Jail and operational missteps.

Remember that jail does not equal prison. According to your perspective, jailing can be an enjoyable experience. Former inmates view their time in jail in a positive light and have made positive changes to their lives after their release. Be strong. Concentrate on surviving this experience. Look forward to the moment when you can put this behind you.

Please take a look around to see what the Orange County jail is like. Even though every person’s experience at jail is different there is still a steep learning curve. We suggest that you gain as much experience as possible to make your transition easier. If you’re prepared, knowing the Orange County system of jails will help you to be more successful.

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