MacBook Pro tips everyone needs to know

On my Mac I use QuickNote less (Drafts, which is in the dock at all times, allows me to quickly capture an idea), yet I haven’t disabled it. Mission Control can be found in the top-left corner. Mission Control will show you all the windows that are open and unhidden on each screen. This is how I often find my way around a sea full of many different windows.

Hot Corners offers other options, such as Desktop (temporarily hide everything to reveal your desktop), and Display Sleep (which is a bit much to accidentally activate). Although you might have only selected one of the display options in the system’s initial macbook air m2 price in srilanka configuration, we will discuss the three modes available under System Preferences>General.

Light, Dark or Auto are all options. Auto would be my choice. Dark mode makes me feel more awake in the morning (I think of dark mode as being at night) but the light mode I want to use when it’s dark outside.

When using the Finder application, you can open Finder’s preferences by pressing Command + ” (comma). The screen is so vital that I think it would be better to be located in System Preferences. Click the icon next to the hard disk to make your laptop drive visible. It’s something that I normally would do but, for some reason, I didn’t. It’s not a feature I like.

Then, click Sidebar in the Finder Preferences. It was not good that many of these options weren’t checked. Music and Pictures was visible. Laptop view, with all the connected drives and internal storage of your laptop, may be desired.

Finally, in Advanced, turn both the “Keep folders at top” settings on. Your file folders are now separate in Finder Windows and Desktop, depending on which sorting option you choose. If you use a password manager, it’s likely that your unique and complex passwords are stored in the program.

Since you’re a Mac user, like me, you’re also using Tom’s Guide’s top pick, 1Password. This is the best password manager on Macs and iOS devices. 1Password has been my first ever new app, and it is the one that allows me to access all other apps. There are probably many apps that you love. But let me share with you the ones that I am using. Drafts has become a necessity for me. It’s like a super-functional, giant notepad. And it syncs between all my devices. When you first open the app, it opens up a brand new document.

After that, I download my favorite podcast (or “podcatcher” if you prefer): Overcast. (An iOS app ported for the Mac. This app has more features and is better designed than Apple’s default podcast application. It also includes smart speed to remove long pauses and audio tricks for boosting voice volume.

Todoist or Due are the apps I use for reminders and planning. Quick Look has been one of my favorite features. After you get into the habit of using Quick Look, you’ll find yourself opening files less often. It allows you to view the contents of any file without having to actually open it. All you have to do to perform the Quick Look Action is select the file, and then tap on the spacebar. If you select a document and press the space bar, the contents of that PDF will be scanned quickly without having to open it. Although this is a useful feature, it does come with some limitations.

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